Josiah Caleb Wilkinson

Josiah Caleb Wilkinson is a 10 year old student of classical piano.  He currently meets with Ms. Kuliush for 2 hours per week.  Josiah has played pieces by Chopin, Bach, Grieg, Mozart and Debussy.  Josiah is homeschooled and has traveled widely in  Europe and the Caribbean with his parents who are relief and development specialists.  He also studies guitar and music theory with Masakuni Okubo and has recently started voice lessons with Terry Ellis.  He is currently working on both Haydn and Bach piano concertos (for four hands) which will be performed in concert with Ms. Kuliush.

Josiah's Website is here:

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Jessica, Sascha, and Michael started to play the piano in September of 2007. 
They are enjoying lessons very much and making excellent progress.


Yasuko T. Richard 

"I have been playing piano from when I was a child and now I have decided to play again.  I love to take piano lessons from Tetyana.  She is a great teacher and also very kind. She has lots of patience."


Nicky Wood

Nicky Wood (age 12) started taking piano lessons from Ms. Kuliush in September 2007 because he has a desire to learn to read music and play the piano.  Nicky has performed in 16 theatrical productions, 11 of which were musicals.  In addition to piano lessons he is being trained in acting, singing, dancing, and modeling. Nicky has two local television/film credits and has been featured in commercials and voiceovers.  Nicky seeks instruction from distinguished teachers such as Tony Award winning playwright Michael Leeds, master acting coach Marc Durso, vocal instructor (and opera singer) Hazel Graham, and youth musical theatre director Jane Whitaker.  Nicky is homeschooled. His ultimate goal is to perform on Broadway.

Nicky's email is: 
Nicky's Manager is: Jodi Rouviere at JTM Kids


Chase and Clayton Finney
Chase Finney
Chase is seven years old and has been taking lessons from Ms. Kuliush for two years.  She is about to participate in her fourth recital.  Chase is a straight A student at St. Andrews Episcopal School.  She loves math, reading, language arts, and art.  She is looking forward to third grade so that she can finally compete in a Spelling Bee.  Chase loves playing the piano, especially at recitals.  In her spare time, she likes playing tennis, and playing with her Webkinz and Barbies.  She loves traveling and her favorite places to visit are Aruba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, New York, California, and Minnesota.

Clayton Finney
Clayton is five years old.  He is very inquisitive and likes to play the piano.  He started taking piano lessons from Ms. Kuliush last September and really enjoys it.  He attends Frances K. Sweet Magnet Elementary where he has excelled academically.  He has also been recognized as Citizen of the Month, and most recently represented in class in the Young Author's Contest.  When he's not playing the piano or reading, Clayton loves playing soccer, going to SuperPlay USA, Disney World, Coldstone Creamery, and Carvel.


 Jacob Frias
Jacob has been Tetyana's piano student for four years, since he was six years old.  We could not ask for a better teacher for our son.  We look forward to many years of piano playing and recitals with her!


Viktor Santiago

Viktor Santiago was born in Germany. He moved to Florida in 2007 from Alaska.
He started at Mrs. Kulish's Piano School in September of 2007.
He has been playing the piano for four years. Viktor was formerly taught at Opus One Music School in Fairbanks Alaska.  He is 9 years old and an Honor Roll student at Windmill Point Elementary who loves to spend his time outdoors. He is a great skier and also enjoys kayaking, hiking and studying nature. Viktor has been practicing Tai Kwon Do for four years and is currently training for his black belt test.
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